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How to use Custom Images in your WordPress Users Profile

Have you ever wondered how to get Custom Image Avatars in your WordPress Website Users Profile.

No need to worry anymore, through using WP User Avatar plugin for WordPress, you are able to upload any custom images in your WordPress users profile through your WordPress media library and use it as an avatar. This means you use the same uploader and library as your posts. WP User Avatar is simple to install, with no extra folder or image editing functions.
With these 3 easy steps you will be able to get Custom Images in your WordPress Users Profile

How to Use WP User Avatar plugin

  1. Download, install, and activate the plugin below:
  2. On your profile edit page, click “Edit Image”
  3. Choose an image, then click “Select Image”
  4. Click “Update Profile”
  • Use the avatar_upload shortcode to add a stand alone uploader to a front page or widget. This uploader is only visible to logged-in users.
  • Also if you want the image to show up in your post, you can use the avatar shortcode in your posts. These shortcodes will work with any theme, whether it has avatar support or not.
  • If you would like to insert your image directly template add this code
    <?php echo get_wp_user_avatar(); ?>

Learn more about using this plugin and adding custom Images in your WordPress Users Profile by checking out the author’s website Click Learn more about the WP User Avatar plugin from the plugin website

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