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How to apply multiple gradients to a Photoshop


This can be done by changing the blending mode so that each gradient “swipe” gets added to the layer mask. Changing the blending mode to “multiply” accomplishes this.

If you would like to apply multiple gradients to a Photoshop layer mask, Below are couple of the steps you would take to accomplish the desired result.

Its easy to mask part of an image by creating a layer mask and dragging a white to black gradient on the mask. But what if you want to had 2 or more gradients in a single mask? This can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Here’s how:

1. Create a new, blank layer mask by choosing Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All.


2. Click on the mask in the Layers panel. 

3. Select the Gradient tool in the Tools panel.

4. In the Options bar, choose Foreground to Transparent for the type of Gradient, and set the other options in the bar as shown below.


5. Choose black for your foreground color.

6. To achieve the result below, I dragged from just above the center of the image to the top edge of the image, and then again from just below the center of the image past the bottom edge of the image, masking the top and bottom areas of the image and revealing the white layer underneath.


7. Option/Alt-click on the layer mask icon in the Layers panel to view the mask full-size. Option/Alt-click on the icon a second time to view the completed image.


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