Download a Free CSS3 Website Preloader Screen

added by Jibari Daniels on
Aug 17, 2015

down a free css3 website preloader screen-designdecoding
Preloaders have become more prevelant on websites in the past couple of years. Especially free CSS3 website preloaders. Due to its high demand I have create a free CSS3 website preloader tutorial.

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a custom css3 preload screen below is the example. Thank you to I Hate Tomatoes for the custom css3 preloaded tutorial. Preloaders are perfect for any website that has large images that you want to have optimized quickly but you do not want visitors to see the download process.
In this tutorial we will not only add a preload javascript effect to the page before it downloads but once the page is loaded we will create a nice transition to the websites homepage.
Click below to download this free CSS3 website preloader

Written by Jibari Daniels

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