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Design Decoding  is a graphic design, web design and web development resource that is devoted to being able to advertise interesting news, useful tutorials, excellent web downloads, noteworthy resources, and useful information for all web professionals and anyone interested in the web industry.

Outlined below are our basic advertising opportunities:


We offer the three primary banners by IAB standards: 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, along with accurate geotargeting (city, state, and country specific.) All banner advertisements are sold on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions.)

Custom Integrations

In addition to standard banners, we offer our clients the Navigation Bar Skin, a high visibility unit that lives right under the site navigation bar. The Navigation Bar Skin is also sold on a CPM basis.

Newsletter Sponsorships

We offer a 468×60 sized banner as well in our newsletter, which is subscribed to by 25,000 readers. Sold at a flat rate on a per day, week or month basis.

You should really advertise with Design Decoding if you want your products or services to be seen by hundreds and thousands of like-minded design & development enthusiasts and successful freelancers. If you would like to advertise on design decoding please fill out the form below or send a email to

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Written by Jibari Daniels