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10 Free JQuery Plugins for Responsive Websites [Download]

With the emergence of CSS3 in late 2102, the concept of responsive web design hit the forefront. Responsive Web Design is developing a website that is highly functional on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

These websites have app-like functions and adapt depending on the device you are viewing the website on. Responsive design also recommends that we shift our way of thinking and develop websites based on fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. Consequently, these same restraints make it difficult for websites with complex JavaScript applications to be displayed properly on mobile devices. With this being said, today’s resource is 10 Free JQuery Plugins for Responsive Websites. These plugins can be added to any website as a way to help you properly display your content on mobile devices.

Check out 10 Free JQuery Plugins for Responsive Websites:

10) jQuery Responsive Thumbnail Gallery

jqueary responsive image gallery-design decoding

This jQuery plugin is a thumbnail gallery with responsive images. It allows us to define both the large image and the thumbnail in two different sizes, just set a width and both images will adjust to your screen size.

09) WMU Slider

responsive image slider- design decoding

This is a fully responsive, easy to navigate image slider. The slider comes complete with animations and full navigation with pagination controls.

08) Photo Swipe

responsive image gallery - design decoding

This plugin is a fully functional JQuery mobile application for creating image galleries on mobile devices.

07) Camera Slideshow

responsive slideshow - design decoding

This plugin is a fully responsive image slideshow based on the Diapo slideshow. The functions of the slideshow include responsive transitions and multiple skins.

06) Responsive Carousel

jquery responsive carousel - design decoding

This plugin is a fully functional responsive carousel using fluid galleries and a flexible layout.

05) Responsly.js

jquery responsive slideshow - design decoding

This plugin is perfect for anyone who needs a simple responsive slideshow. The plugin works perfectly across all screen sizes and is compatible with all browsers.

04) Responsive Menu

This is a very simple jQuery plugin that will turn any navigation menu into a select menu when the screen gets smaller. Perfect for and mobile, tablets and small screens.

03) jQuery Masonry

jquery masonry - design decoding

This responsive plugin is basically a grid layout application that arranges elements vertically when the screen size gets smaller.

02) FitVidJS

This is a perfect lightweight jQuery plugin the makes any embedded video responsive and adaptable across all mobile devices and screen sizes.

01) Automatic Image Montage with jQuery

This plugin allows you to automatically arranging images in your layout into a photomontage. The jQuery application is fully responsive and fills all the available space on the screen.

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